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November 2019


Broadcast Associates is a group of colleagues (and friends), all highly skilled broadcast engineering and operational professionals with vast experience, having held senior engineering and operational positions in a broad selection of roles covering all aspects of broadcast for channel management teams, broadcast service and facility providers based in the UK, Ireland, continental Europe, Asia and the US.

Whether you operate a network of channels, a channel management team, are a service or facility provider, Broadcast Associates are here to help You.

We offer On Line assistance for all those questions or issues that cause delay and prevent you from moving forward with the planning of a project, the deployment of resources or just the day to day business of broadcasting.

Our team will be; always available, always ready to help and will always have time for You. We are here as an on line engineering and operational resource, complementing our consultancy and project management services.

If you don’t have access to your own technical team we can help. We will give you constant on line access to a large team of the best broadcast minds in the business that will effectively work as your engineering and operational department. You simply mail your question or dilemma, forward documents, emails or contracts etc for review and comment. We will review and get back to you within the hour with either an answer or time scale required for us to provide you with a comprehensive answer to your issue.

If you already have or are running an over stretched technical department we will be happy to work with you providing extra expertise or just man-power when needed. Our team has vast experience of news, sports and entertainment channels, channel launches, signal distribution both terrestrial and extra terrestrial, media preparation (both tape and file based), systems and scheduling, playout and transmission. We will be available to you on line and will be happy to act as a reference resource, a group of like minded professionals to bounce ideas off, a forum for discussion or just help to get through the work load and keep to deadlines.

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Photos courtesy of TVT